Bakadde Foundation Network is a registered non-profit making (Non-governmental Organization.) created to empower the elderly community and the Orphaned grand children in Uganda, enabling them to effectively take part in all society activities that affect them directly and indirectly thus boost their socio-economic status. The elderly deemed non-productive and of no sound use in society because of this negative attitude, the elderly are left out of all matters in society and socio-economic planning. This has highly affected their health, economics and social status negatively therefore because at BAFNET humanity is our faith, we are out to redeem this to its positive end through a series of projects such as provision of shelter, health care, empowerment seminars and nation wide sensitization programs. BAFNET is a member of Idealist Organization of USA, partners with Safe World for Women (UK), This is a an organization that works with the aim of bringing together women from diverse cultures & backgrounds, to share experiences and look at ways to address the issues they faced, by pooling their skills, resources, time and commitment, Euromed youth plat form, an organization that works towards helping youths world wide, FAI (Friends of Africa Initiative from Canada), Women Thrive World Wide an Organization that empowers women worldwide (USA), Rise and shine Uganda (Jinja and Kamuli districts) that cares for vulnerable children and Empower and Care Organization of ( Mukono, Kayunga and Maracha District) that cares for disadvantaged orphans, widows and elderly and Finally HEAR Uganda, an organization that provides relief aid to affected Ugandans.

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BAFNET receives a Wheel Chair as it conducts community cleaning June 23rd 2012

BAFNET receives a Wheel Chair as it conducts community cleaning June 23rd 2012

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, BAFNET embarked on cleaning the community in which its head quarters are housed (Makindye), this was a half day event which it attracted different members of the community including the councilors, residents and other local leaders.

The event started with receiving various visitors from different offices i.e. Mr. Najja Twaha a lecturer from Islamic University in Uganda who paid a courtesy visit to BAFNET and later alone the staff and employees from skylimit IT solutions.

Mr. Najja Twaha of Islamic University in Uganda with some of  BAFNET staff on June 23rd 2012 






 A WHEEL CHAIR is donated to BAFNET; 

The team from Skylimit IT solutions headed by Mr. Kalule Musa (Director) arrived at BAFNET offices with the package which was handled to Mrs. Mariam Naiga (BAFNET Executive Director.)

Mr. Kalule Musa the Director Skylimit IT Solutions promised to continue giving tremendous support to BAFNET and called upon other members to borrow a leaf and support the organization that has taken a lead in helping elderly people and orphans in Uganda. He also urged members to support BAFNET’s new project titled “Help BAFNET Acquire a Field Van”

  The team from skylimit IT solutions seated in BAFNET offices.








 Kalule Musa handing over A wheel chair to BAFNET executive Director Mariam Naiga 






       This wheel Chair is one of the many donations BAFNET receives yearly from various members







 BAFNET Executive director and the donated wheel chair in BAFNET offices








 BAFNET Community cleaning continues;

BAFNET staff resumed the work of the day by digging, collecting and burning rubbish

Finally, we would like to thank all those who took part in our event and thank all those who spare time to help their communities.


  BAFNET staff  while cleaning
















“At BAFNET, humanity is our faith”


For more please visit us here.

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BAFNET Ambassadors Needed

Positions: BAFNET Ambassadors

This job is suitable for both males and females who are willing to volunteer with BAFNET.

Reporting to: Executive Director

Objective: To help spread BAFNET work to the out-side world.

Roles & Responsibilities:
He/she will be;

  •  Responsible in linking BAFNET to other organizations in other parts of the world.
  •  Provide assistance in identifying donor sources.
  • Organize fund-raising events and collect donations on behalf of BAFNET.
  • Regularly monitor donor websites, identify and inform BAFNET of donor opportunities matching its work.
  •  Maintain relationships with existing donors’ response, requests and keep updating BAFNET.
  • Suggest innovative ideas for effective resource mobilization.
  • To coordinate and work towards getting, mobilizing volunteers to take part in BAFNET activities here in Uganda.
  • To search for scholarships to BAFNET orphaned children and mobilize for scholastic materials.

We are open to discussions where you need guidance, help and we shall be glad to work with you.
Please feel free to send us your current physical addresses, email addresses and phone contacts on:

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BAFNET Development program 2012-2016 is out

Printing, Distribution and Implementation of BAFNET development program 15th April 2012, after successfully finalizing with BAFNET five year development from 2012 to 2016, we are now set to begin implementing the program. We shall be able to avail copies to whoever wants to take part in developing BAFNET. You can contact us for a soft copy and if you would like to take part in implementing this development program do not hesitate to get in touch with us. See the picture of the cover book attached here.

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BAFNET joins the rest of the world to celebrate Women’s Day 2012

Women’s Day 2012, celebrating mother’s love”

As a way of showing solidarity for mothers in the whole world, BAFNET together with our partner organizations from both United Kingdom and United States of America (Safe world for women and Women for Women International respectively), we took party in Join Me On The Bridge Campaign

BAFNET held its activities in Makindye Mubarak Zone. Being a public holiday in Uganda and the world as a whole the Kids were set free, so we had a change in plan from the earlier communicated. Instead of a whole school taking part in day’s event, we were only given access to the Kids BAFNET caters for and we were given free space which we used. Our children gathered in that place, we had prayers first then  started with the Kids holding their hands to make the bridge shape to contribute to the Join Me on The Bridge Campaign –

 The holding of hands to form a bridge, was an idea that BAFNET thought of to spice up the Join Me on The Bridge Campaign –

 BAFNET later made some donations to the kids in form of scholastic materials like books and pencils.

 The day ended well and we are looking forward to our coming events and activities.

 We extend our sincere thanks to all our partners both local and International for Continued support in all our endeavors

 To support BAFNET go to or

Event Photos


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BAFNET Internship Placements 2012

         Internship opportunities

 Vacancy:  Internship

Report to: Executive Director

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

 Job Purpose

An Intern will conduct work on regular basis and coordinate BAFNET activities in areas where we have footage in the overall supervision of Executive Director.

 BAFNET has limited internship positions this year; prospective candidates should have a desire to work in a dynamic environment.


  • University students pursuing a degree in any of the humanity courses i.e. Industrial Psychology, Community Psychology, Social Sciences, Development Studies and Public Relations, Communications or a relevant field.
  • One must poses good social skills, excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent presentation skills and good administrative skills
  • Good command of Luganda language and English with strong writing and editorial skills
  • Applicants should be committed to working 3-4 days a week, weekends inclusive.
  • One must have the ability to learn quickly and work proactively.

 How to apply

Send a detailed current CV, a daytime phone contact, email address, and the names of three professional referees by close of business Wednesday 30th march  2012 with a cover letter outlining why you think you should be considered for a position, and a copy of your identity card to

Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET)     

P.O.Box 4773 Kampala Uganda

Tel: 0783551072, +256703986277, +256757034854,



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As away of implementing our activity of forming networks and creating networking opportunities, BAFNET has yet again joined hands with Netzkraft Movement which has its headquarters in Xanten Germany.

 Netzkraft Movement is an international network of socially committed individuals and groups working in various ecological, social, political or spiritual areas. Their aim is to support each other and, through this mutual help, to increase their influence on society. The network enables you to introduce yourself and your work to other socially or politically active people. Being prepared to help each other in this way also creates a feeling of solidarity and togetherness among individuals and groups working in various fields. They personally, and their work too, can benefit from the various skills and experience of other net participants.

 English speaking friends

You can access us in English on this network by clicking on this link below

 German speaking friends

You can access us in Germany on this network by clicking on this link below

 This network will help us spread our work to different states in German and the world over and it will also help us attract potential donors, funders and volunteers who will contribute to BAFNET’s ambition of extending support to the community hence realizing our set objectives.

 Our special appreciation goes to Mrs. Gertrud Sivalingam and Mr. Jo Becker work for the wonderful work done for Netzkraft Movement at the Institute and all member and partner organizations they work with to bring about social change in the world.

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Happy Birthday to BAFNET Family

Ever since we started operating here in Uganda on 23rd January 2010, BAFNET has made two years. As we celebrate two years of community work in 2012, we have been able to reach to as many chronically poor elderly and orphans as possible but with out the support of you and some one next to you we would not have lasted this far.

For our sustainability, BAFNET has created a wish list which will help us in continuously working  towards achieving our set objectives in this year and others to come.

This checklist includes some of the items we feel will help us work better and  improve on our work. It can be a contribution of you, your friend or any one who would like us to serve the elderly community and orphaned children, these items include.

  1. Laptops and Computers – To help in communication and to help us in training of community in ICT
  2. Digital cameras, Video cameras, Printers and Scanners, Office tables and chairs and Phones – to help in communication
  3. Full time internet – To help in communication
  4. Funds and Donations – To help us in running of the organization.
  5. An incubator for hatching chicks – This will help in generating income that will help in our work.
  6. A vehicle (BAFNET Van) – To make our transport to the field easier.
  7. Land – To help us put up projects, expand our offices (Set up field offices).
  8. Volunteers – To help in our work.
  9. Baby toys, Cloths, School bags, Shoes, Books, Pencils and pens
  10. Office stationary like Office files, office glue, Reams of papers, White boards for training the community members and Notice Boards
  11. Mattresses – To help our BAFNET kids Project where our orphans will be staying.
  12. Printing BAFNET development programme for distribution to our members and friend who support us world wide.
  13. Printing BAFNET T-shirts
  14. Sewing machines – This will help us in training different community members and it will also act as an income generating activities.
  15. Hoes and pangs – This will help us in digging and cultivation.

NB: You can help BAFNET grow by donating to us any of the above items or send them through 

Makindye Mubarak Zone, Mpalanyi lane
P.O.BOX 4773 Kampala Uganda
TEL: +256783551072, +256757034854,

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2011 a year that really was

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!! To everyone around the world,
We have had the pleasure working with you and looking forward to a fantastic 2012.

As the year 2012 knocks the door, we look back on 2011, Credits should be given to those who have steered us throughout like our partners, Volunteers, well wishers, friends and members. Before forgetting, this year has also been great for all the entire team here at BAFNET and we are proud of our accomplishments.

Among the accomplishments, BAFNET has registered growth in its partnership base, our beneficiaries and coverage. We have also had mileage as far as service delivery is concerned with improvement on human welfare and development.

The year a head in question?

No one knows exactly what 2012 will come with but looking specifically at BAFNET, we hope to achieve more in this year than ever before.

BAFNET Development programme:

First and foremost; we are in the process of coming up with BAFNET development programme for the next five years which will help us realize our set objectives and will also act as our guide. It is being developed through consultations from different stake holders and we hope it’s a success.

The development programme elaborates more on our projects and the activities involved in and how we are to implement and evaluate them.

Funds and Donations:

In the year 2011, BAFNET has attracted different donations from different well wishers here in Uganda and they have helped us a lot. Next year we hope to attract both international and local funds and donations. Through this we will embark on recruiting BAFNET ambassadors around the world who will work tirelessly on voluntary basis to fundraise for our activities, with this we shall have many tangible projects cropping up.

Volunteer Placements:

With our volunteer programme, we are going to rely more on volunteer efforts come 2012, the tireless work done by these people can never be under estimated. We have achieved a lot through the efforts of these good hearted people and we hope to benefit more. If every one in this world could volunteer his or her time to help the needy, the world would be a better place.

Finally I would like to extend my sincere thanks to every one for the continued support and I also call upon those who are yet to support us to please do and also tell all your friends about us so that you can play a role in shaping the lives of many people here in Uganda.

Happy Holidays and best wishes for a safe and healthy 2012.


For more about our projects and activities please visit our


Blog page:,

Face book page:

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BAFNET family to family project ends

Dear all,

On behalf of BAFNET management and staff, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to all humanitarian brothers and sisters who have taken part in our just concluded project titled  ” BAFNET family to family  project”.

This project started on 1st August 2011 and ended on 1st November 2011, Donations totaling to 1 million Uganda shillings (Cloths and other house hold items) were collected from different families and these are  to be given to different poor families (Chronically poor elderly and Orphans) throughout the Christmas season of 2011

From this point therefore we also appreciate the wonderful work done by all  our partners and friends in  trying to help us achieve our vision and mission statements.

Thank you so much


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Real Uganda meets BAFNET

In actualizing our mission statement “To enhance, in partnership with others the caring, treatment, protection and development of old aged people from all forms of poor socio-economic situations, thereby ensuring that they are living a better life like other people in the region irrespective of the environment.”  BAFNET has taken partnership as a turning point in all its activities.

Real Uganda is yet another organization that is soon coming on board as BAFNET’s new partner to ensure that our work benefits all grass root people who are chronically poor in different parts of the country.

Leslie WeighillNansubuga” of Real Uganda paid a site visit to Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) on 18th August 2011 with an aim of creating anew working relationship and to assess BAFNET’s projects so that both organizations develop from one level to another through partnership and extending services to chronically poor people (Chronically poor elderly and orphans.)

This partnership will come at a time when BAFNET really need it most with a lot of programs which are going to a stepping stone to the lives of very many people in Uganda.

We thank the management of REAL Uganda for the wonderful work done and to the BAFNET family cheers.

Below are some of the pictures taken during Leslie Weighill visit.

Leslie weghhill and the BAFNET team                                          Leslie writing in the visitors Book at BAFNET secretarite


 Leslie, Nakanwagi Joweria (Publicity Secretary) and Mariam Naiga (Executive Director BAFNET) and a group photo with our elderly beneficiaries in Makindye

for more snaps please visit our face book group page or go to and click on face book then you will be able to see all the snaps of the day

Thank you

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Bafnet family to family Project

Bafnet family to family Project 2011


Last year On 17th/October/2010 Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) launched its yearly project code named “clothing the elderly” which ran for a period of one month where many well-wishers donated to us house hold items like cloths which were given out to our beneficiaries early December 2010 and over fifty (50) families had a share. Beginning this year this project has been branded and will be called “Bafnet Family to Family Project

This project is running from 1st August 2011 to 1st November 2011, every one is kindly requested to check, sort and collect different house hold items in his/her family which he/she does not use and might be of help to some one in a different family and send them to Bafnet as donations which will be passed on as donations to Poor families (Chronically poor elderly and Orphans). These may include clothes, shoes, baby toys and any thing that you feel your family is not using and some other family out there might be in need of it. That is why this project is called “Bafnet family to family” because items are coming from one family and help another family.


  • Provision of basic items like cloths, shoes, mosquito nets, baby toys etc to chronically poor people in Uganda
  • Giving hope to the hopeless people
  • Create community attachment
  • Networking and fun

 Contacts or collection centers

Local Collection center, we have put in place three collection centers for Local members who would love to take part in this project.

a)    Bafnet Secretariat in Makindye Mubarak Zone or call Mariam Naiga on +256701294323/+256752394323

b)   Majestic Plaza level 5 shop 28 and give your Sorted or packed items to Phiona, Isma or Denis

c)    Mini price or Money Center and Call Mugula Moses on +256773802133

International collection Center, for all our friends out side Uganda, if you have sorted and collected house hold items  you feel you want to give out please send them through to Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) P.O.BOX 4773 Kampala Uganda.Tel: +256783551072, +256757034854, +256703986277, Web: ,


BAFNET in the past month of July 2011

July 2011 has not been an easy month for us however a lot has been achieved, Bakadde Foundation Network was able to go to eastern part of Uganda in  Kamuli in  sensitization drive where we trained different community members about how to a void lightening which had costed lives of very many people. We later carried out other different trainings in income generating activities in Makindye.

Bakadde Foundation network (BAFNET) hosted its webiste for the first time and called upon all members to come and suggest the changes they feel should be made to make it better.  few weeks later the organization got its postal address and its P.O. 4773 Kampala Uganda.

Bafnet Sanitaion Drive, This campaign was taken to the central part of Uganda in the districts of Mpigi and Wakiso where a traditional pit latrine was constructed in Sango and different donations made to the poor people and orphans

This is how we found the Pit-Latrine in one of the families in Sango

 Bafnet team begins setting up a traditional pit latrine to one of the families we care for in Sango as you see in the pictures


This is the Traditional way of making a toilet in Uganda

This is now the new toilet bafnet team managed to set up with the man power we had, its now complete and we left the family happy.

Thank you so much for all those who have supported us in all our cause

“At Bafnet, humanity is our faith”


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Community Sensitization in Kibuye Village Kamuli District

On 2nd/ July/2011,  BAFNET left Kampala at around 9am in the morning and traveled to Kamuli district  in partnership with Arise and Shine Uganda (AASU) to carry out community outreach, Empowering community members in Kamuli District how to avoid lightening and the the first aid given to the Person hit by lightening and Community sensitization in a theme “Strengthening our partnership through community out reach”. This was a one day event and all members participated fully where over 50 community members turned up for the activities.

below the team departs to Kamuli by public means

Bafnet  members had a five hour drive to Kamuli by a Matatu/Taxi and later from the taxi park we took a special hire to Kibuye Village.

Members of the community gave us a warm welcome

The team started off by giving a brief introduction and later we embarked on the sensitization of the community members about Lightening the major activity of the day. Lightening has led to death to over 40 people, injured over 200 in different parts of the country in the last 15 days where the most affected are the children below the age of 15 years. (Our target was the whole community in Kibuye Village in Kamuli District in the eastern part of Uganda.)

The session ended at 3 pm and later we proceeded to Jinja at arise and shine home

At a round 6 pm we reached  arise and shine home in Jinja, we found when the babies are having supper/Dinner so  we spent 1 hour sharing fun with the kids, asking some questions the care takers

At a round 7 pm, Bafnet team left for Kampala after along day full of different activities.

for more pictures please click on

Thank you for following Bafnet

“At Bafnet, humanity is our faith”

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BAfnet Family travels to Kamuli District in Uganda

“Strengthening our partnership through community out reach”


Arise and Shine Uganda (AASU) and Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) have been partners since September last year 2010, both are non profit making organizations working towards helping the needy and making a difference in local communities of Uganda.


The last 10 days in Uganda rains have been pouring down heavily in most parts of the country where lightening has struck dead to over 40 people including children less than 15 years old. On 2nd/ July/2011 BAFNET will partner with Arise and Shine Uganda (AASU) in a theme “Strengthening our partnership through community out reach”

Activities will include

  • Empowering community members in Kamuli District how to avoid lightening and the the first aid that is given to the Person hit by lightening.
  • Community outreach and sensitization.


  • This is a one day event starting at 9:00 am ending at 6 pm in the evening


  • Members of the community (Kibuye Village in Kamuli District)
  • Bafnet Family (Bakadde Foundation Network)
  • AASU ( Arise and shine Uganda)
  • well wishers

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Bafnet Family makes its first harvest

The wonderful work done by our staff can never be under-estimated; Bafnet team has been widely involving all stake holders in our activities both in office and out side office (In the field). With this we feel we have created a bond with our beneficiaries (Orphans and Elderly) and the communities we operate in, this emotional attachment has made us become one family.

Like it has been the case previously Bafnet family, goes to the field two times a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) and during other days we embark on training different members of the community and equipping our staff with relevant knowledge and skills.  In the past week we carried out a number of activities among which included community outreach, economic empowerment, education, visiting our orphans and harvesting beans some of which were given to our beneficiaries (Elderly) and some are going to be used to feed our orphans.

Day 1(Thursday)

In the snaps below Bafnet family shares before going to the filed, Kafumbe Abus shares with Nalujja Shirah as Sentongo is looking on

The first destination was Jjajja Bessi’s residence, Jjajja Bessi is a 75 year old beneficiary of Bakadde Foundation Network (Bafnet) and she is a very active member who helps in peer education, counseling and training in income generating activities. In areas of counseling, she helps to counsel young girls and boys and fellow elderly, in the areas of income generating activities, she helps in teaching different community members how to produce milk out of soya beans.Bafnet family in the snaps below is Nalujja Shirah, Mariam Naiga (Our Executive Director), Jjajja Bessi, Sentongo Isaac and Kafumbe Abus respectively.

The family later proceeded to Mulangira Kimbugwe’s place; Mr. Kimbugwe is also our beneficiary who helps in equipping tailoring skills to different members of the community as you can see in the pictures below.

Thursday ended with the team helping out Mr. Kimbugwe with his work and they retired at raound 6pm in the evening

        Day 2 (Saturday 25th/June/2011)    

     Harvesting Time,

Early this year 2011, Bakadde Foundation Network (Bafnet) got leased land for two years from one of the good Samaritan. This land is located in Busabala in Wakiso District Uganda some few kilo meters from Kampala city. Lady Nakimpi is the woman who is working tireless with the help of Bafnet family to see that food is planted, looked after, harvested and given to our beneficiaries (Orphans and elderly) and those in need. Nakimpi planted maize and beans on this small piece of land three months ago and on 25th June 2011 was the day for Bafnet first harvest since its inception.

That morning Bafnet family was ready to head to Wakiso district all in the mood of harvesting.

In Busabala Bafnet family meets and chats with the kids first, before they embark on the task of harvesting beans

Some snaps showing our small garden in Busabala

Time for duty, the whole team and the community members were all involved in harvesting, our Executive Director illustrating to the kids how to sort the beans in the second snap.

Bafnet kids (Orphans) were also present, below are some of the harvests (Beans),Shirah, Nakimpi (The lady who looks

after the garden), Mariam Naiga (ED) me and Abus trying to put and collect all our harvests in one place

Bafnet family was able to harvest two and half  sacks full of beans where a half was given out to the members in the community where our small garden is located and the two sacks were taken to the head office of Bakadde Foundation Network (Bafnet) from where we shall be able to give our beneficiaries (Elderly and Orphans) in different parts but the emphasis will be on chronically poor as it has been the case previously

After a long day of harvest members opted to do different activities for the kids in busabala, i helped in  fetching water from the lake shores,

At around 6pm we visited some lake shores called lusiiti located along Lake Victoria,We had different games played, ridding bicycles’ taking photos and enjoying our moments.

We later left Busabala at around 7:30 pm and headed back to Kampala

It was really a good weekend full of fun and joy, long live Bafnet family and all those who contribute towards our growth, development and implementation of all our projects.

May lord reward you

“At bafnet, humanity is our faith”

20 June 2011 ~ 1 Comment


Below is the team of BAFNET members namely Kasozi Abdu-Karim (National Director), Nalubega Rashad (staff), Nalujja Sheilla (Staff) and Kafumbe  Abus (Staff) at our  head offices in Makindye Mubarak Zone on Saturday 18th/June/2011 after the training in capacity Building. This training is one of the many that the organization conducts to equip its employees with relevant information on how to work efficiently in the current changing environment where they operate from. Members were also empowered with different skills in communication skills, interpersonal skills and development.

After the training one of our beneficiary below Visited us and shared some experience in her life and different touching stories.

Sentongo Isaac  one of our staff while interviewing Madam Joyce the 70 year old beneficiary of Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET). The week ended with the team sharing what is more to be done to extend our help to the elderly and orphans in Uganda, drawing the action plan for the next week beginning on 20-26th/June/ 2011 and how we are going to involve as many people as possible to fulfill our goal, vision and Mission statements.

Please follow us and  we shall keep you updated on what happens both in the field and all programmes that take place  here at Bafnet

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Internship placements at Bafnet

Three second year Community Psychology students from Makerere University Kampala Uganda have been offered to do internship with Bakadde Foundation network (Bafnet) starting 13th June 2011.

We have only been able to  offer Kafumbe Abbas, Nalujja Sheilla and Ssentongo Isaac internship and hopefully next year we shall have to increase on the number of interns, we shall keep each member  updated on everything that takes place at Bafnet. You can even follow us on face book.

Thank you so much


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Bafnet Volunteer Programmes




Uganda is a good country, where its people are friendly and lovely; indeed it’s a pearl of Africa with the green environment. International volunteers receive warm welcome from our members and staff. Once you are here, we treat you like you are home. To experience the green land referred to as the “Banana republic.” you will not regret.

Back Ground

Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) has a number of volunteer programmes and  activities throughout the year among which includes community sensitization, education,  health, Counseling and guidance, economic empowerment, training, awareness and capacity building , Psychosocial support, monitoring and evaluations, forming networks and creating network opportunities, lobbying and advocating with donors.

The volunteers we receive vary in age, ethnicity, faith, gender, sexual orientation, and professional backgrounds. Our volunteers are students, lawyers, nurses, accountants, electricians, marketers, sales people, information technology experts, human resource people, homemakers, teachers, and retired people. These offer wide range of services like; treatment to the elderly and orphans, organize events, participate in fund-raising to some of our activities, provide logistical support, develop programmes, assist with promotional events, develop new resources and link the organization to different partners’ world wide, train and carry out community sensitization, counseling and guidance.

Bafnet undertakes programmes and activities geared towards helping chronically poor elderly and orphans. These activities in particular involve working with the communities, different partners and all stake holders


The organization currently has footage in six districts of Uganda among which includes Kampala, Mpigi, Wakiso, Mityana, Mukono and Masaka where it operates. The placements vary depending on the volunteer’s time of stay while in Uganda. They may be of one week, two weeks, one month or so as the volunteer may wish basing on his/her choice.

What does BAFNET offer to a volunteer?

  • The organization will be able to liaise and coordinate with the volunteers while they are still in their country of residence until the time they come to Uganda.
  • The organization will be responsible to pick up the volunteer from the airport on arrival.
  • The organization will be able to provide a good transport means while in Uganda.
  • Training, He or she will be trained about the work to be done once he or she is here.
  • Material to be used like Pens, note books, T-shirts will be provided to the volunteer after training.
  • Enough security will be provided to the volunteer while he or she is in Uganda.
  • Provide guidance to the volunteer while in Uganda.

Accommodation costs,

The Volunteer is free to select where he or she wants to spend the nights while in Uganda with the help of Bakadde Foundation Network, the organization has two modes of accommodation in place for volunteers to choose from that is to say;


  • The organization will be responsible in booking a good hotel where a volunteer will spend his or her time while in Uganda.
  • All meals will be catered for by the hotel.

 Organized homes/ A host family

  • The organization will arrange for you an organized home where a volunteer can spend his or her time while in Uganda.
  • All meals will be provided for by this home or host family.

The costs for the above modes of stay will vary depending on the foreign-exchange rates at the time of placement.

Medical Insurance costs, the volunteer while in Uganda will be required to secure his or her medical insurance from the insurance providers with the help of the organization.

Incidental costs, volunteers should ensure that they have adequate funds as general spending money for souvenirs etc as well as access to reserve funds in case of emergency.

Note: The organization shall not give out any allowances to a volunteer once he or she is in Uganda.

Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering at Bakadde Foundation Network (BAFNET) is very rewarding. You get to meet many different types of people and form solid relationships based on mutual respect, understanding, and caring. As our volunteer you will:

  • Make a difference in people’s lives
  • Gain experience from working with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds.
  • You will obtain new skills and develop a wide network.
  • Develop a range of skills and experience that can be used in ones every day life
  • Receive ongoing education and development
  • Do your part in bringing about social change of our beneficiaries.
  • You will be given an assessment or an evaluation letter once in Uganda.
  • You will remain in our data base and you will be affiliated to BAFNET all the time; you will act as our ambassador in your home country after your work.

The organization also benefited greatly from previous set of Volunteers which led to our development and growth to a larger extent.

For more information contact us on our


Tel: +256757034854, +256703986277!/home.php?sk=group_133919836642622&ap=1

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We are blogging now

Today we have opened up a blog page so please follow us as u always do on face book, all comments are welcome. thank you so much

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If every one in this world could volunteer his or her time to help the needy, the world would be a better place